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                      ABOUT US:

Del-Con Sales Incorporated has been in the Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing Industry over 25 Years creating solutions for customers by aligning the right manufacturer for their needs. Our company works with a number of different manufacturers for the medical, military, industrial, and contract manufacturing services. 

 Please reach out to our Manufacturing Representatives from our team.

 Charlie Connolly JR. 


 Office: (1)978-692-0500

 Cell      (1)978-852-6306          


 Brian Connolly

 Vice President  

 Office     (1)978-692-0500 

 Cell         (1)978-502-9700

  Garrett Connolly

  Sales Coordinator 

  Office    (1)978-692-0500 

  Cell        (1)978-602-0016















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